80/20 Just Some Thoughts

My next step on my road to healthy is eating healthier. Notice I said healthier not healthy. That’s because I’ve tried eating all out healthy before. What usually happens when I do healthy?


Therefore; my second goal on my list is healthier.

I’ve lost 18 lbs with just exercise but can’t consistently diet. So’, I’ve decided not to diet. I’ve been hearing about and researching 80/20. Don’t know a whole lot about it yet, but I definitely think its something to consider. In a nut shell, the goal is to eat healthy (plants/nuts/protein) 80% of the time & you don’t beat yourself up over that slice of turtle pie or birthday cake you had at a friends house the other 20% of the time. It sounds simple enough. I’ve found an informative website to share.


All things considered, I think the difficult part will be changing the way I prepare most dinners at home… Less carbs. Aaaaannd convincing my husband that getting rid off the chocolate chip cookies (unless it’s a special occasion)!

Shadow out. 🙂


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