I’m back!

The holidays are a hard thing to get though for anyone. Every year, I always experience some type odd depression around the holidays. It usually comes on full force with the appearance of December. I associate this reoccurrence of my depression with seasonal affective disorder. My cousin, Kassie, and I have joked about having SAD for years… And years. All in all, I think there is some sort of truth to Our joking. I live for the sunny Florida weather, relish my time in the sun, and Spend the majority of my weekends outdoors for 9 months out of the year. 

But…. Then December hits. As it does every year. On top of my usual depression, I had to put my best friend of ten years, Hemi, to sleep. That just did me in. Between teaching, coaching in full swing, holiday stress, and the damn month of December; I shut down. Stopped going to crossfit, stopped texting, calling, talking to just about everyone. Began disliking my job, (which I really love), my selfmy and just about everything else. I even disliked Christmas & the thought of it. Who was I? The grinch, right. 


Anywho, lost 10lbs from depression. Went to the DR for my usual checkup, she tried to run blood work because she knew I didn’t feel/look well. I declined (well, just didn’t go get drawn). And declined the pill I was offered to “fix it”. Pshhhh, there’s gotta be a better way. 


Then in the waiting room at Quest, it dawns on me. I’ve gotta go to the box. Chemical imbalance, endorphins. It makes the most since. I can fix this myself. What did I do? walked out & messaged my box owner. Woke up and even though I didn’t want to, I went to the BOX! Low and behold. I felt a hell of a lot different in just an hours time. Complete different outlook. Why did I let myself stop? Because I’m used to the usual “do nothing until the sun comes back out in spring” train of thought. But this is why I love crossfit. It’s a different train to ride, there’s still life in me. I just needed some sweat and a warm welcome back from my box to light my fire again. And through all the anxiety I had, it was better than I could have expected. Crossfit brought me back out of it just in time to have a happy new year.  


And believe me, this year is going to be a HAPPY New Year!


Fitness Goals 2014:

lose 13 lbs

create a healthier eating lifestyle. 


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