16 Weeks Later

I’m still at it. Crossfit. The results took a little while to come; yet when they did, they came fast & furious. I’ve gone through all sorts of reasoning behind what “I did” to get some change in my body… I’ve tried diet, exercise, globo gym workouts, spin class, step class, Zumba, running & nothing seems to work or fit with me. I never saw real changes.

Then I found Crossfit. Well, maybe it found me. My brother in law always talked about it, but he didn’t live here so I really didn’t think much about it or even know if it was in this area. Some work friends also talked about it, but I didn’t really understand what they were doing… Then, on Instagram one of my lovely Alpha Chi sorority sisters posted her 4 month results from doing Crossfit & I was shocked! What changes she had made! I knew I had to see what the fuss was all about.

I called my some of my BFFs & asked them to go try it with me. Only 2 were interested & we set the date! Boy were we in for a surprise! Thought I was going to die, but boy I felt great afterward. Immediately, I was hooked.

I started out going 3 days a week. My coach wouldn’t let me do more. I didn’t really understand, but am very thankful to him now. He knew what he was talking about, I probably would’ve over exhausted myself & quit if I’d of went gung-ho the very first month.

Now I Crossfit 4 to 5 days a week. I keep thinking maybe I changed my diet ever so slightly.. That’s why I’ve seen results?!. I mean I wanted to change my diet. I meant to change it. Maybe I was just eating less… Nope. Not possible. I eat like a horse.

I Know I finally got results from getting off of my rump & doing Something Worth doing… Crossfit. I owe it all to crossfit. Plain & simple. Kettle bells swings, banded pull ups, wall balls, squats, pistols, clean & jerks, snatches, rowing, running, renegade man makers, AMRAPs, Turkish get-ups, ab mat sit-ups, trying to master DUs, RFTs, flipping tires, T2B, box FREAKING jumps, burpees, buy ins, cash outs, GHB machine, mobility warm ups, handstands push ups, K2E, ring dips, muscle up progressions, flat on my back rope climbs, the bangers, dips, clean & jerk, push press, sumo deaf lift high pulls, tire flips, finishing first in my class one day & the next day finishing dead last. Crossfit. I’ve made awesome new friends, reestablished a strong foundation with an old one, learned it’s more about the inner struggle than what your body can actually handle. I’ve learned you’ve got to want it. I’ve learned it isn’t as hard to get up & out of bed early as we tend to think it is. I’ve learned that Crossfit doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. Never. Give. Up.

16 weeks in I’d definitely say I’ve gotten more than I bargained for… And the awesome thing is this is only the beginning.



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